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 The Aquarium

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Heywood Giblome

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PostSubject: The Aquarium   The Aquarium EmptySat Mar 05, 2011 3:21 pm

More of a horribly loosey-goosey exercise than an actual game,but whatever.

Basically the premise is that you're in some dude's massive freshwater aquarium.
The aquarium itself is rather large to accommodate you as comfortably as possible well kinda . You see the actual size is rather malleable, being as large as it needs to be according to plot or dramatic purposes.

This is something like a I dunno how to describe I want to say sitcom but not really.
Basically the tank is your town/neighborhood and your tank-mates are your neighbors. Stuff happens and that's when adventure happens. There is also your massive and inscrutable owner who pops everyone once in a while. Either to feed you or some other mysterious purpose you cannot comprehend.

Right sign-ups:
Name: Easy
Animal: You can be whatever animal you like so long as it's freshwater and not huge and not aggressively predetorial. Like you could be one of those freshwater shrimps or snail or a red bellied piranha.
Picture: Instead of typing up a description just post a picture of what it looks like
Sex: Male, Female, Hermpahrodite?
Favorite/home location: Basically what part of the tank do you hang around the most?
Personality: Self-explanatory

Yeah this a really weird RPG but the weirdness is kinda the point.
Anyway example sheet coming up
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The Aquarium
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