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 I: Shining Darkness

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PostSubject: I: Shining Darkness   Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:14 pm

Quote :
"Tread carefully, warrior. Rumors tell that an insane man lurks around here...hungry for blood. Many peddlers and villagers mysteriously vanished, only to be found empty of eyes. I've also heard that he grows powerful for every murder he commits... I'd suggest you go back to where you came from, warrior. Unless you wish to visit yourself to the Great Gods up above blinded."

A strange old man's words to Jozou, the late adventurer destined but failed to free his life-long love from captivity.

Five years after the mysterious unsolved murders, It was thought that the land of Japan would now be peaceful once again. But in reality, peace only lasted for two years, civil war broke out from within. Villagers attack one another due to the mysterious deaths of their relatives in suspicion. They had no recollection of the insane man long ago, and thought he had died. With no success of peaceful negotiation, all of the village leaders merged and proposed an almighty alliance in order to stop and bring back peace to Japan. Samurai began to swing down and force order to the villagers, while most women and children hide within their homes. Some fought back the samurai, while some supported the authorities.

One man named Koya Shimosara found enlightenment and formed a large group known as "Hikari". Shimosara had created this group so others can express themselves and show that violence isn't always the solution. How he found this so called "enlightenment" remains a mystery even to the first recruits. The members who joined swore to live peaceful lives and only fight if forced. They are also trained in "Hikari" for martial arts/sword wielding and peaceful meditation. Many speakers and former samurai have joined this group in hopes that the country of Japan will find it's inner peace once again. While strife and the conflict of civil war covers Japan, the mysterious insane man eludes in shadow; Waiting for more of his prey.

Months later, the waves of war have been calming down in Japan. The candles are lit as day soon falls, and the group known as "Hikari" are recruiting the latest by their traditional way inside one of their main dojos. You are portraying as one of the new recruits and are expected to follow the "Hikari Code".

_-=Hikari Code=-_

•Never disobey an order.

•Never fight unless forcefully provoked or given permission.

•Never judge wrongness from the right.

•Never commit to false hope and goals.

•Never stand alone.

•Never trust those beneath the Hikari Code.

•Never cheat or dishonor your peers.

•Never fear "Hikari", nor distrust it's ways.

•Never break the Hikari Code, nor die trying to.

"These nine rules come together and form the "Hikari Code", the main conduct and official words of wisdom to the "Hikari" members. All known members are to follow the code in order to redeem peace to the land. If one does break these wise words, he shall be prosecuted and live a new life beneath "Hikari". With these words aside, continue your childish prosperity. For as you soon show peace to us and to others, this is just the start of your new-born journey. These lands may face hardships within them, but "Hikari" will soon work a "remedy" to soothe and suppress the way of war. For violence is not the answer, but Peace. Only peace can make a flower bloom, only peace can remove the darkness within ourselves. Peace runs through our veins, our mind and body. For peace is what drives us through our hardships and difficulties within this darkened hour. For we are here to remove and change the darkness staining the world we live in. This world needs vision, it needs to see and realise the wrong things it has commited. We are the ones to help, for we are the light of the world. We are "Hikari." -Koya Shimosara

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PostSubject: Re: I: Shining Darkness   Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:52 pm

You always come up with stellar ideas for roleplays, Shinjix. I love how detailed this idea is. It's simple in theory, but you've built on it so well. I'll join this if you make it come to fruition.
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PostSubject: Re: I: Shining Darkness   Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:33 pm

Sounds very interesting, I think you can count my support in for this.
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PostSubject: Re: I: Shining Darkness   Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:35 pm

Yeah, I'm joining at Realphobia and here. Last time I did this is worked out fairly well, sooo... *Nods.*
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PostSubject: Re: I: Shining Darkness   

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I: Shining Darkness
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